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    Whether you are looking for dome kits, dome house plans or interested in dome house construction, we are here to answer your questions and concerns. We make dome house kits with panels that bolt directly together. Our panels are framed and sheathed with holes already drilled and assembly hardware included. Once your kit is on site, our supervisor and your family and friends, standing on scaffold inside your dome, put it together with 4” bolts. We have been building domes that dome home builders appreciate out of kiln dried, DF/Larch for elastic strength, and resulting disaster resistance for over 40 years.

  • We're Here to Help

    Oregon Dome works with you to integrate your site, realistic, budget, and desire for functional spaces into a plan for dome homes that will be energy efficient, airy, and comfortable for you. We offer our innovative, simple building system to clients with whom we form a relationship where value and mindful decisions result in homes, schools, churches and community buildings.

  • Dome Home Kit

    This 50' dome will host church and youth group functions in Ontario. The Tri-Lea-Em website about the dome provides an excellent step by step photo-essay of its construction.

  • Dome Builders

    This 50’ diameter dome raised in Warner, New Hampshire, has gone completely off the grid by attaching an array of solar panels. It too has a photo essay of its progress.

  • Dome House Kits

    This 39' diameter dome with 4' riser wall was raised atop a permanent wood foundation in Centralia, Washington. Owner’s second dome designing his dome house blueprints each time.

  • Geodesic Home Plans

    This 50' diameter dome was raised on the 4th of July in Traverse City, Michigan. It sits atop a 2' riser wall.

  • Dome Home Plans

    This 39' diameter dome was raised in Gig Harbor, Washington and sits atop a 5' riser wall. Steve’s interest in dome housing continues.

Welcome to Oregon Dome, your source for wind/earthquake resistant, environmentally friendly and comfortable geodesic dome home kits.

Flexible Spaces for Active Lifestyles

Your involvement plus our experience in your home building project ensures that you get the space that you want at a cost that you can afford. Our philosophy has always been that we are not just selling dome kits, we are helping people build homes. We integrate your land, budget, and lifestyle into a total project. We are the best in the industry at encouraging the synergy of mindful design choices with life and construction realities.

Custom and Traditional Designs

An Oregon Dome offers you a truly unique opportunity to make your own statement. You have complete freedom when it comes to the shape and feel of your interior. Our plan library offers thousands of plans from which to choose. There are radial plans, where the dome makes the statement. There are also zoned plans, where the furnishings and decor make the statement, enhanced by the dome. We have an experienced design team that can take and use your ideas to modify an existing design or to create a completely custom plan.

Complete, Affordable Building System

Oregon Dome's complete panelized building system is the easiest and most cost-effective system around. Most of our domes are raised in a weekend by a crew of family and friends without any special tools or equipment. This saves you time, money, and most of all, minimizes unplanned delays and expenses. While it varies, we usually see a finished cost savings of $10.00 per square foot over square/rectangle buildings.

The Process of Planning and Building Your Dome

  • 1

    Find the land you want to build on...

    We need to know things about your land before we can help you plan your dome! How big of a lot have you selected? Is it completely flat or does it slope? Where's the driveway relative to the slope? What views are around your chosen building site? Would the largest window face south? These are all things to consider when positioning and planning the layout of your dome.

  • 2

    Plan your dome...

    Determine your initial budget and contact us so we can help you sketch out your new dome. We have many sizes and plans to start from, see our publications for some ideas. The size and features of your dome are only limited by how much land you have and your budget. We'll also help you find a builder, lender, and a roofer!

  • 3

    Order your dome kit and schedule the raising...

    Now's the time to finalize your dome's plans and order your kit! You've got land, with our help you've got all the right people lined up, and as soon as your kit arrives from our facility, you're ready to build!

  • Raise your dome!!

Dome House Plans

Oregon Dome’s in-house plan library features thousands of dome plans. We have talented designers able to take your ideas and budget, select/modify or combine elements of several plans and create a plan for you, your building department and your builder. We start with: (click here to read more...)

Call us (541-935-5444) to identify what your dome house kit includes as “the kit” varies depending on your design choices. For example, the “Water” plan is a 2x4 dome kit (the framed and sheathed triangles), a 5’ exterior wall kit (includes long walls framed for your windows and doors and short walls, often called riser walls), four sloped canopies and one 4’ sloped extension for the five natural openings, two dormers for the loft rooms, three skylights (bronze over clear acrylic, fixed), and exterior insulation cut for the triangles. Other choices include a cupola, a panorama view room instead of a sloped canopy or extension, and other skylights.

These plans are best viewed in Safari and Chrome.


Dome Info Series
Download these:
  • Oregon Dome Brochure

    Thank you for considering the services and products offered by... (read more)

  • Why Domes

    In the early 50’s the fertile imagination and driving curiosity of one man led him to search for a housing concept that would successfully answer the coming realities... (read more)

  • Disaster Fitness

    The dome is an expression of nature itself, providing the most strength while using the least amount of... (read more)

  • Energy Advantage

    Energy use in houses is usually dominated by heating/cooling/ventilation loads... (read more)

  • Getting Land

    After you’ve decided that you want a dome, and picked the general plan, you’ll be naturally inclined to start right in polishing up your building plans.

  • Planning

    When you present your dream home ideas to us, we can usually offer you three designs that fulfill your desires. To work with you effectively we’ll want to learn more about your site and budget, before selecting your dome diameter or even making a sketch.

  • Costing a Dome

    Although the size and complexity of the dome, foundation type, quality of the finishes you select are important factors in determining the cost of your project, we no longer add these up to calculate your cost. Instead, we add or subtract to/from $100 a square foot. Ask for "How much does it cost to build a dome"

  • Builders

    Helps dispel the idea that the builder for you should have geodesic dome building experience. We advise you on cost considerations at the time of selecting a plan, we provide dome raising supervision and we tell how professional roofing companies your builder has in his/her network, handles roofing the dome.

  • Lenders

    Until banks recover from the great recession and housing downturn, this brochure is not relevant. Ask for "Who finances a dome?"

  • Materials

    Information relevant only to using permanent (treated) wood for a lower level, crawl space stem wall or slab edge for your dome’s foundation.

  • Plan Differences

    Developing a good set of plans for your dome is an early and important step in the building process. The finished plans serve as the basis for the bidding, lending and construction process.

  • Indoor Ambiance

    Usually relevant later in the construction process when you and your builder are deciding the type of insulation you want—cost, paper backed or foil, visqueen vapor retarder. Also when considering vapor barrier paint.

  • Engineered Wood

    Learn the vocabulary of engineered wood. Traditional dimensional lumber and plywood increased dramatically in price.

  • ODI Products

    Request our Product Catalog to review ODI products and specifications for designs.

  • Smaller Geodesics

    This is a description of small cabins, garages, sheds and a comparison of cost per square foot.

  • Larger Geodesics

    This is a description of domes that accommodate churches, schools or other commercial enterprises. It compares 3v and 8v domes. It is not helpful for large residences (4-5,000 square feet).

Catalogs and Plans
Oregon Dome's Catalog Package comes as a pair of books that will guide you through the options available in dome design. The first, Design and Building Ideas, is a full color book that introduces you to the different design styles and uses of accessories such as dormers, cupolas, extensions, and panorama view rooms. It uses photos and words to describe the impact of the design on your home as well as your budget. The second book, Planning Concepts, introduces you to the major families of plans in Oregon Dome's extensive plan library. It also offers advice for modifying an existing plan(s).
Guide to Construction Management (being updated)
Oregon Dome's Guide to Construction Management has been one of the primary sources of practical dome building information for years. It is a comprehensive, how-to guide to putting together a successful dome project. It is not the resource for selecting plans or estimating your costs as it discusses process. Extensive illustrations and photographs assist in covering topics from site selection to drywall installation. Whether you are planning to build your dome yourself or will have the entire project contractor built, this book offers invaluable tips and advice.

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